Self-Serve Software

Take control of your billing

Enter in your own data through our mobile App or desktop application. We provide two live telephone training sessions, customized to your needs. We are available to assist you with the process from start to finish.

  • Our most loved feature: Everything is on one screen for accuracy and simplicity
  • Intelligent software:
    • Surcharges and Fee codes automatically added and calculated based on date and time
    • Applicable Modifiers added automatically
    • Built-in Alerts and Flags to reduce errors and prompt additional fee codes
    • BMI Calculator
    • Automated Teleplan updates to Payment Schedule and Fee Rules
  • Over 25 accounting reports available.
  • Quick year-end reporting.
  • Easy to bill private and third party insurers.
  • Integrated with secure email.
  • Custom interface to EMR available.
  • Flexible payment option monthly or annually.