Rejection Management

We correct and resubmit your claims

To manage rejected claims, Medinet investigates, communicates, corrects and resubmits claims. It turns out it is the highly-skilled part of the job. We can teach data entry, but it can take a person 10 years or more to learn their way through all the nooks and crannies of the healthcare industry and build the necessary relationships to recover maximum revenue for physicians, NP’s and hospitals.

Our specialists will track down your payments from MSP, WCB, ICBC, private insurers, out of province and private-pay patients, and fully reconcile your accounts for you. We charge a fair, consistent, monthly rate for our services. We would not consider penalizing doctors for earning more money.

  • You enter your patient information, fee codes and submit to MSP using our software.
  • We manage your remittance reconciliation, refusal recovery, third-party and private invoicing.
  • This service pays for itself after the recovery of the first few claims each month!