Management team

Kate Culter

Kate Culter joined Medinet on the Support Desk in 1990. Five years later, Kate was promoted to Operations Manager. In this role, she managed all aspects of the Lab Report Distributionbusiness and introduced Medinet Access to PharmaNet to BC physicians and hospitals. Subsequently, Kate became General Manager and introduced another new product: Medinet Billing. As the now President & CEO, Kate and the team continue to expand with the introduction of Rejection Management and Full Service Billing, as well as Secure eMail and eForms.

Doug Poulin

Doug Poulin is our CTO with experience in mainframe, personal computers and Windows applications, and was integral in the development of Medinet 6 and Medinet Access to PharmaNet. Doug operates a successful consulting business with a varied client base including Medinet, the BC Centre for Disease Control, and many others.

Michele Culter

Michele joined the Medinet team in January 2012 and is now Vice President. Michele has an established history in marketing with five years as National Director of Marketing & Communications for one of Canada’s leading executive search firms, and seven years as Director of Marketing & Product Development for an international training company. Trained as a Graphic Designer, Michele has operated her own freelance business for more than thirty years, and brings her creativity and flair to the Medinet brand.

Corey Henrichsen

Starting in 2006 Corey advanced from Systems Analyst to Operations Manager and is now Chief Information Officer. He completed his Computer Science degree in 2004 at the University of Northern BC, then worked in Vancouver as a hardware, software and network solutions specialist for well-known companies such as London Drugs and BC Hydro. Corey Henrichsen’s technical expertise, management experience and optimistic attitude make him an extremely valued Medinet team member.

Meredith Bramham

Meredith Bramham joined the Medinet team in May 2014 and is the Director of our Integrated Physician Billing Solutions. Certified in Medical Billing in 2001, Meredith has almost 20 years of billing experience. As well as medical office, clinic and hospital billing management . Meredith has a team of amazing billing clerks that each have their own 15 plus years of billing experience. Together they successfully manage hundreds of clients. As a health care professional she is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of billing support, training and customer service.

John Culter

John Culter founded Medinet in 1989. John’s goal has always been to help improve the quality of patient care by providing efficient tools for communication between health care professionals. Formerly a management accountant, John has built a successful company dedicated to developing user-friendly and affordable medical software solutions.