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Introduction to Billing

Choose from a variety of Medinet Billing Solutions
We understand all physicians don’t follow the same workflow. Choose the billing solution that works best for you. You can even move back and forth between them!

Pay fixed vendor rates—We don’t ask for a percentage of your income!
We do not believe we are entitled to an extra commission because you have financial success. Our fixed rates will not jump drastically if you earn more.

Medinet is owned by our employees, not a bank or grocery store
Maximizing your revenue with easy-access software and services is our primary goal. We are a 30-year-old, Canadian, healthcare technology and practitioner support organization. We are solely focused on improving your financial success and supporting improved patient outcomes.

Use Medinet Billing to manage all your activities
Our software and services are optimized for:

All specialties
APP contracts

  • Encounter/Shadow
  • Also records actual claim value for contract negotiation purposes

Mobile Web App and Desktop Admin access
Tracking for non-billable “Activities”

  • Available on Medinet Mobile
  • Track your time for other tasks for contract negotiation purposes i.e., Research, grand rounds, and more.

Unlimited claims support

  • We answer our telephones live and returns emails in real time whenever possible

Optimize Teleplan billing codes to maximize your revenue

  • Medinet enables current Teleplan Billing Rules
  • Software is continually updated to maximize your claims

Service Bureau optimization

  • Data-Entry on one screen
  • Quick keyboarding enabled—no mouse needed
  • Teleplan billing rules to ensure maximum revenue

Use Medinet Mobile and Rejection Management to maximize your revenue
Enter your own data on a smartphone or tablet and let Medinet’s Billing Experts reconcile your accounts. We will create your 3rd party, out of province and private-pay patient invoices and work hard to maximize your revenue.

Use Medinet Desktop and Rejection Management for carefree billing
Enter your own data on a laptop or PC and let Medinet’s Billing Experts reconcile your accounts and maximize your revenue. (Can be combined with the Medinet Mobile—or use both!)

Let our Full-Service Paper Billing save you time
Simply send us your billing daysheets or scanned files and we will take of the rest! We will enter your data, submit your claims, reconcile your accounts, and maximize your revenue.

Medinet Self-Serve Software lets you manage your own billing
Includes our all-on-one-screen software access, mobile billing, and support. Manage your own claims data-entry, pre-bill review, submission, reconciliation, and collections.

Data-entry is easy!
Enter your data on Medinet Mobile or our much-loved single screen in Medinet Desktop. Our user-friendly design prevents losing your place having to flip back and forth between screens.

Our Billing Experts report that Medinet is the easiest billing system they have ever used. They use it in our internal service bureau for Full-Service Billing and Rejection Management. This business strategy enables continuous product suggestions and improvements with regular software updates including:

  • Teleplan Fee updates
  • Billing Rules algorithms
  • Quick access hotlists
  • Custom preferences
  • Integration opportunities

Maximize your revenue with our Billing Experts
Full-Service Billing and Rejection Management Billing Experts help increase your earnings with:

  • Over 20 years of billing management experience
  • Strong relationships with Teleplan, MSP, WorkSafe BC, out-of-province and 3rd-party insurers
  • Prolific collection experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Optimization of billing codes for maximize billing revenue
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Billing Support

Maintain healthy cash flow
Use our Full-Service and Rejection Management Services to stay current on your billing. Feel free to go away, or simply get too busy—without having to worry about getting your billing in before the MSP deadline or following up on delinquent accounts.

Assess your financial success with Medinet Reports
More than 30 accounting reports to help you measure your financial success. We are also happy to accept additional reporting requests including:

  • Group/Department reporting—often used to support practitioner contract negotiations

Ask about Medinet Analytics for decision-support to improve patient outcomes
Practitioner resources are better allocated to analyzing patient activity data and practice trends rather than focusing on data-entry and account reconciliation. Use our Billing Experts to manage your accounts and let’s talk about how we can leverage our abilities as a data aggregator to increase your revenue and improve patient outcomes with digital decision-support analytics.

Integrate Medinet Billing with your other systems
Let us know what system you are using, and we will provide specifications for integration along with helpful API’s. Leverage our 30+ years experience integrating with hospital systems, private labs, government repositories, EMR vendors and more.

You receive live Training and Support with Medinet!
You need to talk to a real person when you have a billing problem. We won’t make you rely on trouble-tickets and call-backs. With Medinet, you will receive:

  • Live training sessions
  • Live telephone and email support
  • After-hours contact information for emergencies

Medinet clients support retired MOAs in home-based businesses
Our experienced Billing Experts appreciate being able to work from home. Being on the Medinet Billing Team enables them to put in as many hours as they like and take time off when they need it. In return, they provide exemplary service and a profound commitment to our clients, our management team, and each other.


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