Digital Forms and Secure Mail

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Communicate securely

No patient wants their current health condition exposed for everyone to see. Every communication that contains health related information should be done securely.

Regular email travels over insecure networks and is subject to eavesdropping, hacking and misdelivery. Secure email only travels between your sending location and the secure servers over an encrypted channel. 

With Medinet Mail, your messages and confidential documents are safe. Send and receive right from your desktop. 

Secure eForms

Medinet secure forms tie into our secure email product. Your patients can fill in forms prior to their appointment, so you can assess their needs properly.

Patients like this because they can do it from the comfort of their own home, where they have access to pill bottles, medical histories, family history and other family members who can fill in any gaps. Clinicians like this because they don’t have to have a staff member review and help patients with their information, and they get much more complete and accurate data.

The added benefit to our secure forms is that you can communicate back to the patient if there are any additional information or services they need to do or provide in advance of you seeing them.

Medinet can provide secure forms for your clinic to do:

  • Comprehensive health histories prior to an appointment
  • Consent for electronic and digital tools used by the office
  • Follow-up assessments
  • Other specialized requirements you might need