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We are the leading provider of Access to PharmaNet in British Columbia. Over 65% of participating physicians and 90% of health authorities use our web-based tools to view patient medication history information and conduct Medication Reconciliation. We have 28 custom MedRec forms in production. 

Health Professionals make better prescribing decisions

  • Instant access to accurate patient drug records
  • Protect patient safety and privacy
  • Prevent contradictory drug therapies
  • Improve communication with patients
  • Decrease patient interview time

We manage the MOH application process for you

Medinet has been the leading PharmaNet vendor in BC since the original Ministry pilot project in 1999. Our experience allows us to assist clients with Ministry of Health confidentiality compliance, training, and auditing procedures. We provide all documents, supplementary materials and training required to use PharmaNet in the physician office or hospital setting.

Medication Reconciliation

We provide custom medication management tools to help hospitals and mental health centers meet Canadian accreditation requirements. Hospital and patient MedRec forms are developed with custom filtering for individual department use.

As a member of Safer Healthcare Now!, we are committed to complete and accurate recording of patient medications at all transition stages in acute and long-term care.