Medinet and CareConnect Compared

Medinet Access to Pharmanet – The Best Tool for the Job!

Medinet Access to PharmaNetCARECONNECT
All patients in BC Patients admitted to VCH facilities only
No install-web based ApplicationSoftware requires installation and set up
PharmaNet AccessHealth authority legacy systems with PharmaNet and Lab
Integrated with most BC EMR'sOnly Integration with Profile EMR
Includes features such as filtering medications, drug interaction, charting, graphingNo features - no interaction
Live Support in real timeMust contact the VCH IMIT department for support
Already set up for remote accessMust contact the VCH IMIT department for remote access
Real time live support telephone, email, screen-sharingContact your health authority IMIT department and put in a trouble ticket
Allied Health Practitioner-centric systemHospital-centric system