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Medinet Access to PharmaNet

Medical practices, clinics and hospitals in BC access PharmaNet using our secure, private network. Medication history, reconciled reports, and other valuable drug details are available for the past 14 months, and access to other information necessary to help doctors prescribe safely.

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CPSBC Requires Physicians to Sign up for PharmaNet

A review of PharmaNet at the time a prescription is issued is considered a best practice for opioid therapy. PharmaNet review is mandatory in walk-in clinics and methadone clinics. With electronic prescribing and dispensing, access to the patient's current prescription profile is becoming a part of everyday practice in all clinical settings.

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New Rules for Walk-in Clinics

All physicians who work in walk-in, urgent care or multi-physician clinics or any practice seting providing transient medical care must have on-site access to PharmaNet.

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